Uniting Investors: An Online Community

Uniting Investors: An Online Community

An online community can help people share unique experiences and help solve common problems among the group, in our case real estate investing. Illinois REIA is proud to announce Uniting Investors a community for real estate investors sponsored by the National Real Estate Investors Association, Inc. As one of a handful of beta testers, Illinois REIA was in on the ground level and actively participated in the development and growth of this unique platform. You are going to love this site not only because of its content, but because it is also pop up and advertising free.

What Is An Online Community And Why You Should Join

We have a shared purpose of growing our real estate investing businesses in the right way. And, we share commitment to real estate investing education to learn how to be better investors and avoid potential problems in our industry.

Uniting Investors - An online community of real estate investors

In real estate investing, trust is a key factor in your business. Communities such as Uniting Investors help you develop richer relationships with other investors. Plus over time you can learn to trust them as they answer and help with your questions and thoughts.

Real estate investing is a complex business. You need to develop deeper relationships with the people in the real estate investing community than, say, a college football community where you may visit and post your fan thoughts.

The more people who join the community, the more we can learn from each other. So we urge you to visit Uniting Investors and see if it is right for you.

Why an online community is better than social media

“We’ve always had the perspective that social media and community approaches need to be integrated but are not the same thing and the reason is in the complexity of the business goal. Social media channels are fantastic for building awareness and getting feedback on what the market wants, but it is challenging to have the organized multidimensional conversations required for collaborating around complex topics,” according to the Community Roundtable site.

This is especially true of real estate investing, which can be a very complex topic that requires extra detail and discussion that is just not possible in traditional social media.

Communities play a critical role an organization’s digital ecosystem by enabling the relationship and trust development required for complex discussions.

Uniting Investors - An online community for real estate investors

Communities matter because they help achieve many business goals more efficiently. It is crowdsourcing within a bounded, vetted community. It is a safe place to meet and share thoughts. Here are some of the benefits of community according to Community Roundtable:

  • Extend marketing impact through advocacy
  • More effectively support members through peer sharing
  • Quickly ramp-up new members by giving them access to expertise of peers
  • Improve innovation cycles by better connecting market needs and internal expertise
  • Reduce duplication by encouraging and enabling members to easily share their expertise
  • More effectively recognizing and rewarding the expertise of members and partners
  • React more quickly and effectively to crisis

Uniting Investors Online Community

Remember Uniting Investors is a community site for investors run by investors. Social media sites are crumbling under the weight of ad platforms. Their desires to make money off of advertising is the goal as opposed to serving members.

Sure a social media site can deliver some value. But, not the deeper trust and engagement you will see with Uniting Investors.

Our business is changing rapidly these days. Belonging to a great community site is a way to keep up with all the changes. Plus you gain the education and learning you need to stay up with the changes.

Building a successful real estate investing community is a journey and it takes great members to make it work. Consider joining today!


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