Two Percent Home Depot Rebate

Two Percent Home Depot Rebate

Members of Illinois REIA can qualify for a two percent Home Depot rebate every six months.

For those that qualify, The Home Depot will issue a rebate of up to two percent in the form of a gift card. It is available on purchases made in a six month period of time. Total purchases less than $3,000 in the qualifying period will not earn the 2% rebate.  The qualifying periods are January through June and July through December. The rebates are normally issued within 90 days of the end of the qualification period.

Qualifying purchases are those purchases made at The Home Depot during the qualifying period. Returned items are not included in the rebate calculation.

This special benefit is available to members in good standing of Illinois REIA which is a Chapter of National REIA. Non members, guests and contacts do not qualify. This is a members only benefit.

The two percent Home Depot rebate requires that our members sign up for a free Pro Xtra account at The Home Depot. Go to the Pro-Desk to do this. Get to know your local Pro Desk staff. Do this because once you are a member of Illinois REIA they can assist you with other discounts and benefits to our members that will be covered in upcoming articles.

Pro Xtra accounts are available at no charge from the Home Depot. Register your name, business name, telephone number, mailing address and some minor information.

Once the account is open we need to work together to insert the Agreement code behind your phone number and each method of tender you will be registering in your Pro Extra account. The agreement code is what tracks the two percent Home Depot rebate.

For more of the benefits of membership check out:

Remember to meet and greet the Pro Desk staff. They are on your team and will do everything they can to help you punch your ticket to success. So will everyone here at Illinois REIA.

Good Luck and Good Investing

George N. Skidis, Jr. – President




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