Professional Housing Provider Designation

Professional Housing Provider Designation

The Professional Housing Provider (PHP) course curriculum is the place for new investors to start or refine their education.

The Professional Housing Provider program includes 60 hours of formal education. These classes cover the essential needs of anyone who wants to be a real estate investor.

Many wanna-bee investors are too scared to get into this business right now.  Let Illinois REIA remove the fear and replace it with knowledge. Are you interested in getting started? We have a few options at Illinois REIA to earn the Professional Housing Provider Designation.

The first is new investor training in Belleville and Saint Louis. Secondly we have the general membership meeting in Wood River. We will soon be holding Super Saturdays and then our members can also earn PHP credit on the National REIA cruise each February.

What is PHP you ask? It is the next logical step in your educational goals. Think about this for a moment. Would you rather have a government bureaucrat who has never owned a business or had an entrepreneurial thought telling you how to run your company, or would you rather have the certificates to prove you know better than a cubical dweller? THAT is the goal of PHP! To let Landlords and Investors be themselves. We will never be without the extra burden of extraneous rules or government interference, the goal is to avoid the traps and snares that come along.

The Mission of the Professional Housing Program (PHP)

The Mission of the National Professional Housing Provide program is as follows. “To Enable members to expand their education and knowledge via course as valuable tools to attain successful goals and present a professional image to the public and government.”

That is the mission of Illinois REIA as well.

What is the Professional Housing Provider (PHP) designation?

What is the National PHP designation? It is a statewide, education based designation program that anyone can earn. Designed to recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the designation holders.

Sponsored and overseen by the National Real Estate Investors’s Association (National REIA).

For more information go to: and check out some of the on line courses.

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