LLCs Are Not the Only Business Entity

LLCs Are Not the Only Business Entity

Don’t be brainwashed, LLCs are not the only business entity you have to choose from. There are also C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Family Limited Partnerships and Sole Proprietorship’s.

The problem is that way too many new investors attend this week only Guru workshops. At the workshop the Guru’s team will attempt to sell you a five or ten thousand dollar LLC “starter package”. Yes the correct term is team. This is because most of the time the Guru phones it in or sends a video. The almost never show up at the recruiting and sales event being held.  They sold their overpriced LLC starter package using fear based marketing tactics. They sold it as the only way you can defend your property and protect your assets against an attempt to seize them in court.

Personally, I will never own an LLC.

What happens before a Lawsuit

First the plaintiff attorney looks up the address where the incident occurred at the county court house. They will use this information to figure out who to file a lawsuit or threatening letter to.

Next a smart plaintiff attorney will do their research about your business entity before jumping in head first. In Illinois they will go the the Secretary of State’s website and look up your LLC. On the site they will find the name and mailing address of the Registered Agent.

A stand alone land trust defeats this at step one.

Series LLC Warning

If you were conned into opening a series LLC the plaintiff’s attorney will determine how many LLCs make up the series. This gives them a rough idea of how many properties you own. Fifteen (15) buckets in the series equals a minimum of fifteen (15) properties to go after. Why would anyone in their right mind make it that simple to get taken to court.

Using multiple land trusts with different names defeats this immediately.

Contingent Fee or Up Front Retainer

After determining if you have assets worth pursing the plaintiff attorney now has enough information to consider taking the plaintiff’s case. If you look suit proof they will ask the plaintiff for an up front non refundable retainer. If you look like a 15 bucket LLC they may reduce the retainer or take the case on a contingency basis.

There is one exception to this, “Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc.” They will take most tenant verses landlord cases without a retainer.

If you were using a stand alone land trust this would provide a great deal of privacy and possibly defeat this.

Illinois LLC in Another State

If you are based in Illinois then you classified as a Domestic LLC. The next state will treat your Illinois LLC  as a foreign business entity.  When that happens you have a few duties.

1. File appropriate articles with the Secretary of State where the new property is located. Declaring your LLC as a foreign entity and paying the associated start up and annual fees. This will cost you just about as much as establishing a local LLC.

2. Find and hire a registered agent in your new state. This will be the case even if you establish a local LLC

3. Your LLC will need to file an additional state income tax return in the new state

4. Your LLC liability insurance will need to be endorsed for the additional state(s) at the new fees. Your business liability insurance is in addition to the property liability insurance

5. Failure to properly insure your LLC can result in the LLC being bypassed in a lawsuit. In corporations this is known as piercing the corporate veil.

6. Get proper legal counsel on doing all of this.

7. Series LLC’s give plaintiff attorneys a place to figure out how many properties you own.

LegalShield is Affordable

If you do not have an affordable attorney contact me about LegalShield. You can also  go to www.skidis.Biz and read more and sign up online. The standard plan with business rider and expanded defense costs is less than $540 a year or just under $45.00 a month. Not bad for business hours legal consultation on unlimited topics AND 24/7 emergency access.

Tax Treatment

When it comes to tax treatment, LLCs are not the only business entity you have to choose from. Under the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) also referred to as the “Trump Tax Cuts” an S – Corporation is receiving the best tax treatment. Let’s repeat that the S-Corporation is now receiving the best income tax treatment there is.


My other corporation prepares income tax returns for our clients. Many of them are real estate investors.  I am a Registered Income Tax Preparer with the IRS. Right now the S-Corp is the new tax saving vehicle.


The gurus are still selling overpriced LLC’s because they have established a fear based demand for the product. LLCs are not the only business entity you have to choose from. Consider the S – Corporation.

I am not an attorney and do not play one on television. Always seek competent legal counsel.

Are you interested in attending our Fall Land Trust Conference. Send an e-mail to [email protected] for details.

Good Luck and Good Investing

George N. Skidis, Jr.

President, Illinois Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.


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