IL REIA Members Save Big and Get More with The Home Depot”

IL REIA Members Save Big and Get More with The Home Depot”

You have undoubtedly seen or heard their commercials. They usually end with “More Saving…More Doing.”  It is a powerful phrase that succinctly sums up the relationship that members of Illinois REIA have with The Home Depot.  IL REIA Members Save Big and Get More with The Home Depot. For many years, IL REIA members have been able to take advantage of incredible savings and deals achieved through an exclusive partnership with Home Depot’s ProXtra  Loyalty Program.  That arrangement allows members to receive a 2% rebate on all their purchases, on top of their already low prices.  However, that deal is just one of many benefits NREIA members receive through their exclusive arrangement with The Home Depot.

The Home Depot is giant retailer with more than 2,200 stores nationwide and inventory in almost every home-related category; from exterior siding, decking, lighting and paint & stains to a similar array of goods for the interior; such as appliances, flooring, plumbing, cabinets, hardware and fixtures.  Home Depot’s stores stay open seven days a week, and all maintain a Pro Desk staffed by employees trained to offer technical expertise.

Whether its paint, appliances, cabinets or even new drywall for that flip, NREIA members continue to save thousands of dollars every year on their real estate investments.  This is real savings that not only impacts an investor’s bottom-line, but puts them in a better market position for that next deal.  So how do they do it?

Paint Program

There is nothing more essential to rehabbing an old property or maintaining an existing one than quality paints and stains.  Members of Illinois REIA receive a 20% discount on Interior and Exterior Paints, Stains & Primers including all of the Home Depot quality paints (Behr, Kilz and Zinsser).  Do you need help choosing a paint or primer? There are Pro Paint Specialists in every store to assist with your painting projects. The Home Depot understands the unique needs of residential and commercial property investors and will help you pick the products you need with great value and outstanding results in mind. Just another reason IL REIA Members Save Big and Get More with The Home Depot!

Appliance Program

Nothing is more essential to a home’s kitchen than good, quality appliances.  That’s where Home Depot’s exclusive appliance program for members of Illinois REIA comes into play.  They offer an exclusive custom catalog of appliances (updated annually) to find exactly what you are looking for at great prices.  These include French Door & Side-By-Side Refrigerators, Top Freezers, Dishwashers, Microwaves & Cook Tops, Ranges/Wall oven and more.

Cabinet Program

There are few better ways to improve a property’s ROI than a new & updated kitchen and bath.  That’s why, along with the appliance program, members of Illinois REIA can save 10% on purchases of select Hampton Bay cabinets (excluding Designer Series).  These cabinets offer attractive styling and convenient storage options, all at budget friendly prices.  With quality features typically found only in much more expensive cabinets with long lead times, Hampton Bay stands out as a great value. Home Depot stores stock 31 cabinets and accessories per finish backed up with 74 additional products available via special order.  Kitchen and bath cabinetry is fully assembled, ready to install, and is available in 8 beautiful finishes or unfinished.

Get 2% Rebate Back on Purchases

All of the benefits we’ve just discussed are only accessible to members of Illinois REIA who have enrolled in The Home Depot’s ProXtra Loyalty Program.  As mentioned before, one of the most rewarding benefits is the 2% rebate payable twice a year. When you purchase $5,000 between January 1st and June 30th you will earn a 2% rebate. The rebate will be paid on a gift card and mailed to you around September 1st. You can repeat this from July 1st to December 31st and receive another gift card around March 30th, following your purchases.

 To get started, you must first be a member of a Illinois REIA. Next, you must be a member of The Home Depot’s ProXtra Loyalty Program.

Go to the link above and click on sign up.  Finally work with us to make sure your IL REIA Home Depot benefits are fully reflected on your ProXtra account so you can start saving today. Another reason IL REIA Members Save Big and Get More with The Home Depot

For more information about this and all of the many benefits of being a member of Illinois REIA, or to find a group near you, please visit or call 618-520-8999.

Good Luck and Good Investing

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