Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Illinois REIA and I would like to personally wish everyone a Happy Independence Day!
Here is a short refresher as to what it means – After almost one year at war the Declaration of Independence was finalized on July 4th 1776. The Continental Congress did not finalize the U.S. Constitution until 21 June 1788. This was 5 years AFTER the war ended. The American Revolution lasted 8 years from 1775 until 1783

Declaration of War – Happy Independence Day

The Declaration Of Independence is in fact a FORMAL DECLARATION OF WAR! It is a demand for self rule! Don’t let the beauty of the language beguile you. Our Founding Fathers very formally and properly told King George of England to stuff it. They were not going to take his abuse anymore.

Inspiration of Second Amendment

It was this very declaration that inspired the 2nd amendment. The Founding Father’s were not concerned with hunting. Rather they were arming the generations to follow with the tools to overthrow the very government they were creating if it became tyrannical and oppressive later on.
It is only through the Second Amendment to the Constitution that all of the other Amendments and Freedoms can be maintained.

Freedom to Invest

Happy Independence Day! Consider your freedom to invest in real estate. It allows you to make a living which is greater than working for an hourly wage.
Did you know that the founding fathers originally considered the phrase life, liberty and the pursuit of property when drafting the Declaration of Independence. THEY GOT IT. So should you.
Semper Fi!
Good Luck and Good Investing
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