Buy American Receive Increased Rent

Buy American Receive Increased Rent

That’s right Buy American Receive Increased Rent

As we look forward to the end of this election cycle all we can do is Pray to God that he might have mercy upon us as a nation. We pray that in his mercy he gives us the president we need. Not the president we actually deserve.

But let’s look past the election. We will soon warp up calendar year 2016 with hope for our collective financial futures and our nation. We ask for this regardless of who gets elected in November. What can we, the private citizen do to improve the financial outlook of our nation?  Individually and collectively we must support one another in our industry and in our markets. Let’s start with baby steps as we wean ourselves off of dependence on foreign oil and goods manufactured thousands of miles away.

The task will be daunting, but each and every one of us is up to it. Last Christmas I was looking to give a set of steak knives as a gift. This was a tough hurdle.  At several of the larger retail stores I found 99% of the knives were made in China and the remaining 1% were made in Germany or Thailand. Not one to dispute the quality of German products

However, that year I found steak knives made in the good old USA. I also found one of the better rated water heaters that was actually made in America by an employee owned company. Bradford-White water heaters are made in Middleville, Michigan. The that I installed in my basement has seriously impressed me. It features a real brass drain along with other quality parts that make me a proud owner. This company has been here since 1881 and going strong.  In fact I bought two, one for my home and one for a rental. The prices are very competitive.

Need a new hard drive? A few years ago the flooding in Thailand caused a shortage of computer hard drives. Many office products stores had to limit customers to one each.

How I got started with Buy American Receive Increased Rent

One of my prized possessions is a pocket knife. It goes with me everywhere. Whether I am cutting duct tape, opening a box or Hundreds of other uses, Pretty sure I use it five to ten times a day. This was the first item I purchased after deciding to Buy American Receive Increased Rent. A little expensive for a pocket knife. It sells for about $80.00 unless it is on sale at Cabella’s. It is a Kershaw, Speedsafe Ken Onion design. After almost 10 years of hard use, it still holds a great edge.

Then I started looking at the products used to repair my home and rental property. Take a look at where you shop. My preference is The Home Depot. They carry a great assortment of products made in the USA. Even if not American made, they often carry better quality products than some of their competitors. Would you rather replace and repair once, or mulitple times. Check out The Home Depot at for more information.

Not Buying Products Made in America Causes a Problem

Wonder what that problem is. Think about buying American the next time you wonder why you can’t find a quality tenant with a good paying job. Check your own buying habits and see if saving twenty bucks cost your thousands in lost rents.

We need to adopt the motto: Buy American! That motto should be your personal mantra. Especially as landlords and property managers. Buy American and Get Increased Rent.

Something else I did this year was to cut back on unimportant activities and increase productive ones. Less TV, fewer movies and wasted computer time. To be replaced by more learning, labor and actual face time with friends and family. Since I consider each and every one of you my friend, I hope to see more of each of you after the election.

May God help our new president be one of positive input and action. Give us a new president who is an individual of integrity and accomplishment. May our new president, with our help as consumers, put every American to work. Help our fellow citizens and workers find satisfaction in a “Job Well Done”. So get out there and put Americans to work. Just Buy American Receive Increased Rent !



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