Bed Bug Traps Are HERE!

Bed Bug Traps Are HERE!

Bed Bug Traps are Here! They are now available to members of Illinois REIA!

Dear Members and Subscribers,

We have received great news. Bed Bug traps are now available to our members at a 10% discount. This limited time offer starts now!  After that it becomes a 5% discount.

I’m pleased to officially announce the launch of National REIA’s newest benefit provider, ClearVue Technologies, who produce ClearVue Bed Bug Traps.  The most recent issue of RE Journal has a detailed article on ClearVue traps  Check out the article on page 4 of the most recent issue.

ClearVue is offering a limited-time 10% discount on the purchase price for Illinois REIA members.  This discount will drop to 5% in 6 months. Just remember Illinois REIA members will always receive the lowest available pricing.

We’ve been anticipating this product launch for a while. As we know bed bugs are a severe problem for our members. This is especially true in the Chicago and Carbondale areas as well as the rest of the state.

For more info about this serious issue in southern Illinois check out this link. Don’t limit your search, Bed Bugs are a problem all over the state.

Here is the greatest news in the bed bug pest control war. This product is revolutionary in its design. It has also proven very effective in field trials.  We’re happy to report that the first commercial production run is complete. These amazing traps are shipping from ClearVue’s site in Cincinnati. This is just a few miles from National REIA’s home office. National REIA has been working with the ClearVue team for over a year to bring this to you! We respect their focus on offering a product that is both effective and has good value. Also their concern for outstanding customer service is phenominal.

ClearVue’s traps feature Active Beacon Technology ™ ! This technology uses the bed bugs’ instinctual attraction to Carbon Dioxide to lure them to the traps. After climbing the trap’s angled walls, bed bugs are trapped by a glue floor, unable to escape.  The traps are packaged with a sealable plastic bag for No Touch No Escape™ disposal. You can learn more about the patent-pending design by watching ClearVue’s introductory video (

ClearVue Bed Bug Traps can be used in a variety of situations:

Ongoing monitoring to detect bed bugs before a full-blown infestation

Checking a unit during a turnover to verify no bed bugs are present before a new tenant occupies the unit

Protecting tenants who have an infestation as they wait for professional treatment

Validating the effectiveness of professional treatment

Most importantly, ClearVue Bed Bug Traps help our members fight the growing costs caused by a bed bug infestation. This includes both property damage and increased legal exposure.  Results of ClearVue’s trials and testimonials can be found on their website

ClearVue bed bug traps are available in a starter package of 2 traps ($11.99), a value package of 12 traps ($59.99), and a bulk pack of 100 traps ($399.99). The traps last for several weeks once activated by the user.

Join Illinois REIA and receive a discount code for your purchase.

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